• The awesome @spokeart​ gallery asked me to create two special limited edition prints for their Quentin vs. Coen art show awhile back and how could I not draw The Dude?

    They’ve just released both prints which are all signed and numbered by yours truly! $20 each or $35 for the pair AVAILABLE HERE

  • Mother of Dragons

    I might put this on a postcard and bring it to Comic Con to give away. I’ll be walking the floor Thursday. Any of you going? Message me and I’ll try to get one to you! 

  • "Which one is your favorite?"

    This is for iam8bit gallery’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 30th anniversary art show which opens this Saturday, July 19th. There will be an 11x14 sized print of this and 5x7 sized prints of each individual Turtle. Get your favorite or collect them all!

  • "Portal Home"

    She’s lost in our realm and must find her way home.

    For Ltd. Gallery’s upcoming “Fantasy in the City” art show which opens this Friday July 18th at 7pm.

  • "Kill Gogo"

    This piece is for @spoke_art ‘s Quentin vs Coen show, which opens this Saturday July 5th! More info HERE

    It’s a signed and numbered limited edition of 30 prints :)